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The New 1080p Apple TV- Is It Really Worth It?


The new Apple TV 3 has been launched and has instantaneously struck a chord with the masses with its overtly i-catching feature-the much awaited upgrade to 1080p from 720p.The pictures are crisper and it won’t be too far-fetched to conclude that it delivers the best over the air HD experience.

However, according to tech-enthusiasts, Apple should have released this update much earlier as it would have given direct competition to devices like Roku- which offer such features at a cheaper rate. The new Apple TV also comes with an ultra-powerful single core A5 Processor for better rendering of high quality images.

Reportedly, the A5 Processor integration may also pave the way for a potential Siri upgrade to Apple TVs in the near future. Besides, the interface has also been improved to give it a more iOS type look and feel (Your TV actually looks like a 40 inch iPad). The Apple TV 3 also comes with iCloud integration. That means, all your stuff is right there, dangling over your head, whenever and wherever you want it. There is also an Airplay integration, which allows you to mirror your iPad or iPhone on the TV screen.

However, the million dollar question undoubtedly would be: Is the new Apple TV really worth a buy?

If you already own the previous version of the Apple TV, the change you’ll experience is an improved picture. You can take advantage of the other features, such as the new UI, by simply upgrading the OS from the settings menu. It’s a subtle upgrade, but one that many won’t do.

If you don’t own an Apple TV, you should consider purchasing the new model. With it’s upgrade from 720p to 1080p, it’s also packed with prime streaming services like Hulu Plus, Pandora, NetFlix, YouTube, MobileMe and Flickr. Although these services are also available on many smart TVs, Blu-Ray Player and gaming consoles, your new Apple TV can now also serve as a movie and TV show server for all your iTunes purchases.

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