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10 Easy iPhone & iPad Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know


Today we’ll show you 10 quick and easy ways to make your iPhone or iPad work better, faster and more efficiently. The best thing about these tips is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device. You see, although they will never admit it, Apple copies many popular tweaks that can only be installed on a modified device and includes their own version in future firmware updates.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Texting or emailing the same pieces of text constantly wears on you. Start using customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard >Add New Shortcut

On this screen you can type anything you’d like on Phrase, and its respective Shortcut below. For instance, you could shorten the email, with the shortcut j123.

You can add as many shortcuts as you’d like, including any commonly used phrases or contact details.


2. Create Home Screen Icon For any Website

If you frequent specific websites on your iDevice, you can create an icon that will sit on any page on your home screen, which will give you a quick one-touch access to any site.

Open the webpage in the mobile Safari app. Once loaded, click on the arrow icon on the blue taskbar below. You’ll be greeted with a list of options here –select Add to Home Screen.


3. Screen Capture

Sometimes it’s easier to take a screen capture on your iPhone than writing or typing out the information elsewhere. To do this, simply press the Home and Power button down simultaneously. The resulting screen capture will be saved on your camera roll.

This feature can be useful for recipes, directions and text conversations you would like to share. Captured images can be shared just like any other picture.


4. Caps Lock

Your iPhone is equipped with a caps lock. To use the feature simply double tap on the Shift Arrow key twice. Caps Lock is enabled when the arrow turns blue.


5. Recover Closed Tab

Apple brought tabbed browsing support to their iPad Safari browser with iOS 5.0. But just like any other browser, it’s possible to accidentally close one of these tabs. Do not fret –there is a way to recover it.

To recover a closed tab, simply hold down the + symbol and you’ll be greeted with a list of recently closed tabs you can reopen. This feature is not be available to those using the Private Browsing feature.


6. Freeze Screen Orientation

The iPhone tries to guess which way is up and then shifting the screen orientation accordingly. However, if you lie down or lean back, the constant shift between portrait to landscape mode and back can be pretty annoying.

You can freeze the orientation by double tapping on the home screen, which will bring up your recently used apps. Swiping this list from left to right will bring up a different menu. Clicking on the circular arrow will freeze the orientation in portrait mode. Now, each time you’re reading a text or email, you won’t have to worry about the constant screen shifting. To disable the lock, follow the same steps.


7. Take a Picture – Fast

Nothing is worse than missing a great photo opportunity because it took too long to find then launch your camera app. Here’s a quick way to take a picture in just two steps:

Step 1: Press the Home or Power button on your iPhone. This will make the lock screen appear.

Step 2: You can find a camera icon on the lower right*; swipe this icon up and the camera app will launch allowing you to take a picture. Here’s an additional bonus, pressing the volume-up button on the side of your phone will snap the picture.

*If you have not updated your iPhone’s firmware to 5.1, you may need to double tap on the Home button while on the lock screen to bring up the camera icon.


8. Recover Your Lost Phone

Take proactive steps in keeping your iPhone safe. Sign up for a free iCloud account, then go to your iPhone’s iCloud settings and enable “Find My iPhone.”

Once you have that set up, you can use the iCloud website or the free “Find My iPhone” app on someone else’s iPhone to find your lost device. You can force the phone to play a sound, lock down the phone, have it display an alert message or even wipe it completely.


9. Scroll to the Top Fast

You can easily navigate to the top on many apps by simply touching the clock on the status bar at the top of the screen. This is helpful when reading long pages in Safari or browsing through your music collection.


10. Save all your PDF files in iBooks

Whether you’re on a mail message or a web page in Safari, touch and hold the PDF icon or link, then select Open in iBooks. These files will stay in your iBooks app until deleted.

iBooks for iPhone & iPad (iTunes Download Link)

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