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Amazon Releases “Send To Kindle” – Now Available for Both Mac and PC


Amazon has released a new Mac version of their “Send to Kindle” software. The application is free, easy to install, and allows users to send personal documents to all devices running the Kindle software.

You can find both the Mac and PC version download links below. Here are the supported file types:

  • Microsoft Word (.DOC)
  • Microsoft Word (.DOCX)
  • PDF (.PDF)
  • TXT (.TXT)
  • RTF (.RTF)
  • JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG)
  • GIF (.GIF)
  • PNG (.PNG)
  • BMP (.BMP)

Once installed you can simply open the application and drop any supported file onto the dropbox. These files will automatically be delivered to your Kindle, or devices running the Kindle app including iPhones and iPads.

There are two delivery methods available to choose from: Wi-Fi and Whispernet. Choosing the Wi-Fi option is free, while using the latter may include a charge. You can find what Amazon charges for this service here.

Send To Kindle (Mac Version)

Send to Kindle (PC Version)

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