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PS4 Release Date and Price – Facts, News and Rumors


(Update: Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 4. Visit our our updated page for the official PS4 specs and details.)

The Playstation 4, aka “Orbis”, will be released sometime next year –or so some would like to guess. The truth is, no one knows; Sony has not officially acknowledged the console even exists. This article will focus on two things: Facts and Rumors.


Rumor: According to an unnamed but “reliable” source, the gaming-focused website Kotaku, claims Orbis as the console’s name or working title. Many have dived into the meaning and origin of the word and have paired it with Sony’s newest handheld system, the PlayStation Vita: Orbis Vitae. This translates to circle of life in Latin, which suggests a strong compatibility with the PS Vita. (Rumor Accuracy Probability 30%)

Fact: Many requests to confirm the name have remained unanswered by Sony. At this point, the name Orbis will remain a speculation. Playstation 4 is just as likely to be chosen as the next-generation console’s title.

Release Date

This is the question on everyone’s lips: when will the next generation Playstation console be released?

Rumor: The latest guess is that the Playstation 4 will launch right before Christmas of 2013. According to a VG247, an unnamed source claims Sony is “confident” the new console will launch and beat the next generation Xbox to market. (Rumor Accuracy Probability: 50%)

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Fact: Since Sony has not even acknowledged the existence of the console, a release date has not been announced.

Update (Feb 1, 2013): According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony will be announcing the Playstation 4 console on February 20th of this year with a release date expected at the end of this year. Stay tuned for more info!


Rumor: The Playstation 4 will basically be a computer that you can play high quality games on. The parts and building process does not come cheap. The Blu-Ray enabled 20GB Playstation 3 launched at price of $500, while a 60GB version was available for $600. With improvements to hardware, compatibility, features and graphics, this price can only go up. At the very least a similar $600 price tag is to be expected. (Rumor Accuracy Probability: 80%)

Fact: If the Playstation launches before the Xbox, it will have the advantage of being the first next-generation console to be sought after. Unfortunately, this does leave them open to marketing attacks, including price differences when another console launches.  Sony may deviate from a pre-Christmas launch if it feels it needs more information on their competition. Manufacturers are also willing to take a loss on their respective consoles by placing their bets on high accessory and game sales, among other things.


Rumor: The gaming website IGN, has relied on unnamed sources to offer possible specs for the Playstation 4. Assuming the source is right, the system will utilize chips based on a combination of AMD’s A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 GPU, harnessing both graphic processors. This combo would pack quite a punch –games will look absolutely stunning by using the new tech combined with the system’s dedicated GPU and DirectX 11 enabled-card and 1GB of dedicated VRAM.

Fact: Since the chips will be custom made exclusively for the Playstation, the exact specs may differ or change prior to launch. It is rumored that some publishers are aware of the exact specifications and are working with developers now. If this is the case, the specific specs may come to light within the next few months.

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(Playstation 4 concept image by designer Tai Chiel)

  • WAA

    $500+ price is B.S. Sony WILL NOT make the same mistake they did with the PS3. $400 at most seems like a more likely estimate. Given, this poor economy. Sony CAN’T afford to charge a console at that price or else they may go Bankrupt…

  • Preston

    This is awesome I am so bored with ps3