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Skyrim Complete Quest List and Checklist: A Visual Guide


Thanks to the amazing contribution of dexmachina (also known as the redditor, anchorboi) we now have access to a complete quest list you can use to track the progress along your Skyrim adventure.  Have you missed anything? Follow the to-do list by choosing a download link below. Also be sure to visit dexmachina’s official page at for news and updates to his amazing work!

Skyrim Quest Guide To Do

The guide arranges each major quest along with their appropriate minor missions including:

  • The Companions
  • College of Winterhold
  • Thieves Guild
  • The Dark Brotherhood
  • Civil War – Imperial Legion
  • Civl War – Stormcloaks
  • Deadric Quests
  • Haafingar
  • Winterhold
  • …and more

I hate to state the obvious but it would be impossible to complete every quest during one constant playthrough. However, it would be nice to know which direction or side to choose to get more action out of your game.

Skyrim Complete Quest List

Obviously, printing this baby out may not be the best idea. The visual guide is full of color, and most importantly, a black background that does not sit well with most printers. Using the guide directly from your computer or tablet may be the best choice.

iPad owners can save the PDF on iBooks. You can transfer and save the file directly from this page.

A big thanks goes out to dexmachina for creating the guide. Here’s crossing our fingers for update 2.0 when the Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard arrives this summer!

Skyrim Quest – JPG [Download Link]

Skyrim Quest List – A3 PDF [Download Link]

Skyrim Quest List – A4 PDF [Download Link]

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  • AnnArborLawyerAndNerdFromHell

    Does anyone know how I can get in touch with dexmachina? As far as I am concerned I owe him money for this effort. This is the single most useful thing a Skyrim nut can download.

    Absolutely awesome, I had a printshop convert this thing into a poster.

  • Bryan

    Best Guide yet I have seen for the quests. Awesome work and detail!

  • Jace

    Where on earth are the DLC Updates!?

  • Marshall

    is there a pdf like this for the addon quests?