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Amazon Refreshes Kindle Lineup: Brings Paperwhite & 4G LTE


Amazon held an event in Los Angeles today to announce a refresh to their Kindle lineup. The Kindles have major upgrades to them including better screens, faster load times and new features. You also have a bigger selection to choose from —take a look!

Software Upgrades

Amazon made a few upgrades to its Whispersync technology, making it compatible with games and audiobooks, now saving progress in the cloud. Other features we also added to the OS. X-Ray can be accessed while reading or watching a movie and will show current information relevant to the media being shown.


new amazon kindle

The basic model of the new Kindle lineup will remain for sale, but with a few hardware updates:

  • new fonts
  • crisper texts
  • 5% faster page turns
Price: $69
Ships: September 14

Amazon Kindle [Amazon Order Link]

Kindle paperwhite (Wi-Fi or 3G + Wi-Fi)

amazon kindle paperwhite

The new Kindle paperwhite models are thinner and lighter: 9.1 mm thin and weigh in at 7.5 ounces. The paperwhite technology brings 25% more contrast with 212 PPI —62% more pixels than other Kindles. If you choose the 3G + Wi-Fi model, you can access the network free of charge in over 100 countries and without signing on for contracts or data plans.

These kindle models use an LED lighting system. According to Amazon, the light will display evenly across the display. Battery life is impressive; your Kindle paperwhite can get eight weeks of battery life even with the light on.

Wi-Fi Model Price: $119         3G + Wi-Fi Model: Price: $179

Ships: October 1

Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi) ; Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi + 3G) [Amazon Pre-Order Links]

Kindle Fire

Amazon basic Kindle Fire

The current Kindle Fire will reduced in price by $40 but will be updated with new internal hardware. The updated model will port a forty percent faster processor, twice as much RAM and a longer battery life.

Price $159

Ships: September 14th

Kindle Fire [Amazon Pre-Order Link]

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD comes in two sizes: 7″ and 8.9″. Models range from 16GB to 32GB. Both have a dual-antenna 5GHz Wi-Fi, an OMAP 44700 processor, HDMI, Bluetooth and stereo speakers. The device also has an HD Webcam.

7″ Display Price: $199      8.9″ Display Price: $299 

Ships: November 20

Kindle Fire HD 7″ ; Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ [Amazon Pre-Order Links]

Kindle Fire HD (4G LTE)

kindle fire hd 4g

The amazing thing about this model is that, wile it’s the most expensive in the Kindle lineup, it has a lot of value in the 4G LTE package Amazon offers. The cost is placed at $49.99 per year and includes 250MB per month, 20GB of Cloud Storage and a $10 Appstore Credit. Options include 32GB and 64GB of internal memory.

  • 8.9″ HD screen
  • 16GB
  • 4G LTE
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • 254 PPI
Price: $499

Ships: November 20

Kindle Fire HD With 4G LTE [Amazon Pre-order Link]

These devices are tempting, offering more features while keeping the price range low. Lack of an illuminated display has been the biggest complaint about reading the standard Kindle; the new paperwhite lighting system seesms to get the job done. Adding 4G LTE with the high-end Kindle Fire was a good move, brining in a closer competition with the iPad, which charges a lot more per year with a data plan.

Amazon Kindle Fire Lineup

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  • Daniel

    So there is the iPad, Nexus 7, and Kindle Fire (HD) – who wins? Nexus 7 for Android fans, Kindle Fire for Amazon fans (?), iPad for Apple fans. With the eminent release of an iPad mini at same price point will only further set Apple apart from the pack. They are all the same as standalone devices, but when bundled with other devices Apple jumps way ahead. With Apple TV and comps, you have everything you need to have a solid media network.