Mooncraft: Build Worlds. Stay Away From This Second Minecraft Clone


Minecraft CloneRemember that awful Minecraft clone that made its way up the iTunes charts not long ago? Well it’s back.

After successfully making thousands of dollars by deceived customers, Mooncraft: Build Blocks had been removed from the iTunes App Store. A few days ago I wrote about how deceitful Mooncraft really was.

The developers used actual Minecraft screenshots and characters to promote their game and logo. Making matters even worse, the support link included in the app’s description led to a dead end.

Today, one of our readers tipped us on the app’s return. Mooncraft: Build Bocks has been replaced by Mooncraft: Build Worlds. There are a few differences that I should point out. The new app has:

  • A new logo
  • New screenshots
  • A new seller

I do have some proof that the person or company behind both Mooncraft versions is one and the same; there are similarities.

The app’s description shares many of the same words and phrases as the previous version. Here are some identical phrases in particular that are shared in both app descriptions:

  • “the world is at your hands”
  • “sandbox environment which has no limits”
  • “your imagination will only limit your creativity”
  • “in this game you will experience it all”

Support is also nonexistent, as it was for the previous version. Although a website exists, appearing to offer visitors contact information, it seems generic and unmanned. In fact, clicking on the support tab will offer you a useless half of an email address. Most domain-based emails have a catch-all account, but I sincerely doubt you’ll hear back anyway.

Mooncraft: Build Worlds was released today and has obtained only a handful of reviews (all one-star). Apple may ban the app once again, however it seems this game of Whack-A-Mole is far from over.

Update 1 09/07/12: A third game has been uncovered. Tiny Worlds uses the same description and screenshots as both Mooncraft versions yet delivers something completely different

Update 2 09/07/12: I decided to purchase the app for the sole purpose of showing what you actually get when paying for Mooncraft. Video is embedded below.

Update 3 09/19/12: The app has been removed from the iTunes App Store.

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Edward Marq

Edward Marq

Edward Marq


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Edward Marq
Edward Marq