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Captive Media Rolls Out Urinal Games – Arriving in US Soon


We are always looking for new ways to entertain ourselves, especially when we have down time. Standing in line at the store, waiting for our gas to pump, sitting in the theater before the movie starts – it doesn’t matter where we are, we just want to be doing something besides twiddling our thumbs.

For many, one of the most boring daily occurrences is using the restroom. Male or female, you’re
probably bored in the bathroom on a regular occasion. But a new British start-up, Captive Media, is about to change all that. They’ve created the Urinal Entertainment System and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is.

This entertainment masterpiece, nicknamed UES, sits at eye level, just above the top of the urinal fixture. It features a LCD screen that is roughly the same size as a small laptop screen. While out of use, the screen loops advertisements and commercials but it’s when a user approaches that the real fun starts.

The device senses your presence and randomly brings up one of five games. Now, using the restroom and using a touch screen at the same time does seem a little gross – ok it’s a completely disgusting idea- but Captive Media has that covered too. Instead of a touch
sensitive screen the game controls are activated by, yep you guess it, your urine stream. There are infrared sensors mounted below the screen that cast an invisible field down into the urinal. When your urine interferes with the infrared beam it makes a move in the game. The urinals even have pictures and stickers placed on the sides to aid you in aiming in a way that will help you win.

If this seems a little confusing, let me elaborate. One of the games is called Clever Dick. It’s a trivia game that uses the direction of your urine stream to pick an answer. True is one direction and false is another direction. There’s another game called Artsplash which, as you can imagine, is simply using your urine stream as a paint brush and “drawing” a picture.

The devices were launched about a year ago in a club in London. Since then the company has expanded by placing fixtures in bars, hotels, and offices all over Europe and are expected to make their way to the United States within a year. The UES is a smash hit with bathroom users and provides an outlet for advertising meal and drink specials for the owners of the establishment it is in. For both business owner and customer, it’s basically a win-win.

And for all of you ladies out there who are reading this and feeling as disappointed as I first did, never fear. Captive Media also makes a women’s restroom version.  Instead of being mounted in the stalls, which would be very difficult women to operate, the female version of the product is mounted on the walls of the restroom where wait lines typically form. There you can play games and see commercials while stuck waiting in line.

So there you have it, bathroom entertainment for men and women alike. Let’s just hope this company doesn’t go down the tubes. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself).

You can read more about the product and even watch some videos  at Captive Media’s website.