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Redbox and Verizon Team Up to Offer Redbox Instant


redbox-instant-betaAs if there weren’t enough options already. Redbox and Verizon have embarked into the video streaming market, now offering monthly subscription packages. The service, called Redbox Instant, will be offered free of charge during the first month and include unlimited streaming from a handful of devices and 4 DVD credits a month.

Redbox Instant is currently in beta stage. Although the official app is available to download for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android platforms, an invitation code is needed to activate the service. Users can sign up for an early invite by visiting the official page.

Aside from tablets and mobile devices, Redbox Instant will be available on Samsung Blu-Ray players, Google TV, and LG Smart TV and Blu-Ray players. More devices are expected to support the service in the next coming months.

Redbox Instant Cost

After the free trial, Redbox Instant will be offered at $8 a month. The price is competitive with most streaming services including Netflix and Hulu Plus. The monthly plan will include 4 DVD rental credits. A $9 monthly plan is also available allowing customers to use the 4 rental credits on Blu-rays as well.

Netflix offers their streaming movie service at $7.99 and has over 160,000 titles in its library. Amazon offers a similar streaming plan but is attached to its Prime program. Amazon Prime is $79 a year, although a monthly option has been in the works.

Hulu Plus shares the identical price plan, at $7.99 a month.


Redbox Instant Content Deals

According to the press release, found below, Verizon and Redbox have secured deals with Epix, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Relativity and Warner Bros. The streaming service seems to be focused on just movies, opting out of TV series (for now).