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PushBullet: A New Convenient Way To Send Files To Your Phone


pushbulletIt is pretty easy for someone else to send you something to your phone, but what if you wanted to send something to your own phone. This proves to be a little bit more difficult. PushBullet is a new Android app which attempts to solve all this. The description from the Google Play Store reads as such: “PushBullet makes it easy to push notes, lists, reminders, addresses, and more to your Android phones and tablets”.

So I took this app for a test drive to see how easy it was to actually “push” things to my phone.  The first thing that you will notice is that the website and the app are both very minimalistic. It’s clean and very easy to use with minimal clutter. Signing up for the service is also very easy and it’s quick since you can login with your existing Google account. Those who are bit skeptical about giving PushBullet gaining access to your Google account will be pleased to know that the app only asks for very basic permissions.


Upon opening the app for the first time, the instructions are clear: “Sign in with the Google account you signed in with on this phone. You’ll be guided from there!”. However, there is little guidance involved if you’re a novice user. On the website you’ll notice a list of devices you have registered with the app. There is a green button that is very obvious with the text “Push to this device”.

pushviewThere are a few things you can push to your device. You can push notes, addresses, lists, files, and links. Once you push something to your device you will instantly get a notification on your device. These features can be fairly convenient. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Notes: Reminders for things you need to do or random musings
  • Addresses: locations which you were looking up on your computer (New Restaurant Location, Movie Theaters, Friend’s Address, etc.)
  • Lists: Groceries, tasks, etc.
  • Files: PDFs, pictures, video files, word documents, etc.
  • Links: Things to read later, news articles, tech articles, etc.

When pushing addresses, you can directly open them up in Google Maps and navigate there based on your current location. I found this extremely convenient —had I emailed the address to myself, there would be no option for me to open it up in Google Maps from the Gmail app. The same goes for pushing links. Once you click the link it will automatically open up your default web browser.

Unfortunately, there is no way to send something from my phone to my computer. This is slightly inconvenient. But as with most apps, I can “share” the links/files to my Gmail app so I can easily retrieve it when I’m at a computer.

Overall I found the app to be fairly convenient and will save a considerable amount of time when used properly. I hope this app catches on and more features are added in the future. The developer has stated that there will be a Chrome add-on in the near future which will make pushing things much easier.

4 / 5 stars