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Send Quick Voice Messages on Facebook Messenger


voice messaging on facebook messengerFacebook released an update to their Messenger app for iOS and Android. The app is a dedicated messaging platform where you can chat with your friends without having to access your entire Facebook account.

Besides standard improvements and bug fixes, Facebook Messenger (version 2.1) allows you to send quick voice messages to your friends. These messages are recorded and sent on the spot. Whether it will catch on or not, is another matter.

Although Facebook Messenger is available for both iOS and Android, I only had the opportunity to try it on an iPhone 5. With the launch of iOS 6, users could use their login credentials to create a seamless Facebook experience throughout the new OS. Twitter integration arrived on iOS 5.

You can start sending messages right away by updating the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone to the latest version.

Upon launching Facebook Messenger, find a friend to chat with then press the plus icon on the left of the text field. Here, you’ll be presented with three options. Select Record Voice.

Record Voice on Facebook App

Once you’re ready to start recording, press and hold the microphone icon until you finish speaking. As soon the record button is released, the app will automatically send the voice message on its way.

You can stay on this screen to continue a back and forth voice conversation or exit and return to it later.

Voice messages will also work with group chats. Simply compose a new message and add a group of friends to the chat window before you start recording a new voice message.


You can’t replay or delete your voice message before you send it. So if you make a mistake, your only choice is to record and send a second message.

Although anyone can listen to the voice message sent from Facebook messenger, not everyone can reply (at least not with voice). For now, the only way to respond to (or even initiate) a voice message is directly from the Facebook Messenger app —the latest version, at that.

How to delete sent voice messages

Once your voice message is sent, you can delete it by tapping and holding on the voice message in the chat window, then tapping on delete once it appears.

deleted fb vm

You can use this method to delete anything in your chat log. Any items deleted from here, including voice messages, will vanish from all chat windows.

Other features

Besides voice messages and standard text, you can also send pictures (an existing one from your camera roll or a new one from your camera), and Emoji characters.

I haven’t tried voice messaging using Facebook Messenger on Android or Windows Phone.