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Feed Your Reddit Addiction With Reddit Notifier on Mac OS X


reddit-notifier-reviewAs if your Reddit addiction wasn’t bad enough. Reddit Notifier is a utility for OS X that places the famous orangered envelope on your menu bar.

Once installed, an orangered menu bar icon will appear each time a reply, private message or mod mail is received by your reddit account. An empty inbox will result in the default greyed out envelope.

Additional features include:

  • Display of both link and comment karma
  • Optional audio alerts and volume
  • Retina app icon

According to the developer, an update to the application (v 2.5) has been submitted and includes a few upgrades and bug fixes:

  • Notification Center support!
  • Notification Center alerts for Orangered replies and PMs, Modmail, and new Modqueue items.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from switching users; the result of a recent Reddit API change. Sorry!
  • If you’re a subreddit mod, Reddit Notifier now checks your Modqueue! Never miss an important story that was marked as spam again.
  • Quick link to adjust Audio Alert volume.
  • Better custom user-agent string, per the Reddit API rules.
  • Under the hood: better JSON parsing.

As far as security, all reddit login information will be stored securely within the OS X Keychain.

Reddit Notifier is available for purchase in the Mac App Store for $2.99. Download by clicking on the link below.

Those looking for a free alternative may want to look at Orangered. It’s a free alternative but lacks many of the features that Reddit Notifier delivers —link and comment karma display, for instance.

There are also free browser specific extensions you may consider installing:

Safari: Reddit Mail Checker

Chrome: Reddit Desktop Notification

If I’ve missed any other alternatives, please let me know by commenting below.

4.5 / 5 stars