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These Android Apps Will Help You Sleep Better



Apps that track and improve sleep? Say what? Yep, there is a new breed of apps that can improve your sleep patterns. Some are more advanced than others and can do more things. So we’ll take a look at a couple of them and you can decide which ones you are likely to use.



This app is a very simple one which does fairly little tracking. It basically presumes that the optimal sleep cycles occur at about 90 minutes and calculates out a few things. The first option you can calculate is: When you want to wake up. You then input when you want to fall asleep and how long you want to sleep for. It will then set your alarm for the appropriate time. The second option is to calculate when to sleep based on when you want to wake up. The option is for you to fall asleep now, and then it will set your alarm according to how many sleep cycles you want to go through.

SleepyTime [Google Play Download Link]

Sleep Time

sleep-time-appSleep Time has much less options than SleepyTime. You set your alarm and then it wakes you up at the designated time. However this app can actually track your sleep based on the motion sensors in your phone. It will calculate the amount of time you’re awake, light sleep, deep sleep + REM , and how efficient your sleep time was. This is a really cool feature that will be sure to get you infograph geeks going.

Sleep Time [Google Play Download Link]


sleepbot-android-appThis app is pretty similar to Sleep Time in that it tracks your movements during your sleep. However, there are a couple of additional features such as a smart alarm and the ability to record sound during your sleep. The ability to record sound during your sleep will answer the eternal question. Are you a sleep talker? But all joking aside, this one is pretty cool if you’re consistent in logging all of your sleep efforts as it will track how much you sleep each day and calculate your average sleep/day and other cool stats.

SleepBot [Google Play Download Link]

Sleep Watcher


This app doesn’t actually do any alerting of sorts. However, what it does do is that it models your fatigue and alertness levels based on your most recent sleep schedule. Theses fatigue and sleep models are currently used by army and flight industry. You can plug in What Ifs, such as What If I take a 30 minute nap, how will my alertness and fatigue levels be 2 hours from now. This can be useful if you’re trying to go for a 48 hour study cram session and need to be most alert right before your exam.

Sleep Watcher [Google Play Download Link]

Sleep as Android

sleep-as-androidThis is probably the most fully fledged featured app. It manages to combine all of the ones previously mentioned before and adds a couple of other features as well: play nature sounds as you go to bed, track your sleep deficits, notifications that tell you to go to bed. However there is one caveat to this app. It is a paid app ($2.89). However, there are also addons which you can purchase to provide it more functionality including more stats, cloud backups, widgets, etc.

Sleep as Android [Google Play Download Link]

It is clear that there is a market out there for sleep apps that will help you sleep better. Whether or not you decide to use them is up to you. I personally think that the graphs that show you your sleep cycles and track your movements throughout the night are really cool. What do you think? Drop a comment below!