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Security wipe doesn’t wipe Android devices

New research suggests that potentially sensitive information could be restored from Android devices, even after a factory reset. A BBC investigation, in conjunction with security expert Ken Munro, found that a flaw in Android’s firmware enabled wiped to data to be restored. The vulnerability was particularly evident in the Tesco Hudl, which has proved popular in the budget end of the tablet market. Munro said that by using a freely

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Goo Engine Ushers in The Future of Online Casino Games

The use of 3D technology in games, and how it’s been applied in online gambling The gaming industry has come a long way since its small beginnings in the late 20th century, when the 8-bit graphics of BATZ and the Super Mario Brothers were considered revolutionary. Nowadays you’d be hard-pressed to find a game that doesn’t use 3D, hyperrealistic graphics, and every year, video games come closer and closer to

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Essential Apple Apps every University Student should Own

Hi guys, I thought this would be a useful post to all the students out there. I am in the final year of my degree at university and I have had plenty of time using these apps on my iPad and iPhone and have come up with the best ones that I would recommend getting! For Google Android users, we also did a post on the essential must have apps

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Is Amazon Fire TV Stick Worth it Over Google Chromecast?

As you may know, Amazon Fire TV launched some time back. Unfortunately, the device was not as good as expected to be. To rival the already popular Google Chromecast, Amazon launched the Amazon Fire TV Stick recently available for purchase here. Both of these devices attach directly to your HDMI port on your TV to make it a smart-TV. The Google Chromecast is priced at $32.49 whereas the Fire TV

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